Voidigo Will Be Coming To Steam Early Access Next Week

Indie developer Semiwork revealed this week that they're releasing their next game Voidigo into Steam's Early Access. This is a fun little roguelite action title where you play as a brave warrior out in the wilds, hunting down creatures who basically are just there to kill you. At a certain point in time you basically come to the conclusion that if you don't kill them, they will happily kill you for whatever reason they feel like. The game will have you upgrading weapons and armor, as well as coming up with new strategies to face off against enemies who come after you. Once they fail and retreat, it's up to you to go after them so they don't try it again on you or anyone else. And what's this dark entity controlling some of them? Find out when the game goes live into Early Access on February 25th, 2021. You can check out the teaser trailer for the game down below.

Its either kill or be killed in this colorful action title. Courtesy of Semiwork.
It's either kill or be killed in this colorful action title. Courtesy of Semiwork.

Voidigo is a chaotic and colorful roguelite shooter with a focus on dynamic boss fights. Equip one of the many ranged weapons and fight back the corruption. Or use one of the melee weapons if you prefer a more personal approach. Dodge attacks and stomp your enemies to gain the upper hand. The many bosses of Voidigo will put up a good fight, relentlessly fueled by the void's corruption. During the fight the boss might flee the area, leaving you to decide whether to hunt them, or gather your strength. But don't linger too long or they will start hunting you. To help you on your fight, find a wide array of powerups for fun synergies. When between worlds, trade your weapons, powerups and other resources. To fully tailor your playstyle.

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