Want To Bring Some Eldritch Horror To Your Gaming Table? Elder Dice Has You Covered


Looking for a Kickstarter campaign to fund? Well, I've got a new one for you that's been fully funded even though it's still ongoing, Elder Dice are definitely worth a look. Each set comes in a box crafted to look like a grimoire so you know exactly how cool you'll look popping this out on a table.

The project reached its $27,000 goal in less than 8 hours. and is now funded to over $100,000 with more than 2,100 backers. So, people are very enthused by these. So am I, really, like you couldn't have guessed.


Each set comes with nine polyhedral dice and features one of three Lovecraftian symbols:  The Great Cthulhu, the "Star" Elder Sign, and the "Branch" Elder Sign. The dice sets are contained in their own matching spell books with a snapping magnetic closure. In addition to the polyhedral dice, there are sets of D6s in each design available for anyone who needs a ton of D6s.

So you can add a touch of the non-Euclidian horror of Lovecraft to your game of Dungeons & DragonsArkham Horror, or Liar's Dice. Because nothing says "pirate game" quite like sets of dice with dread Cthulhu all over them.


Elder Dice come to us from Lovecraftian Horror artist, David LaRocca and RAINN Studios Co-founder, Heath Robinson.

You can check out their Kickstarter page here.  Backers just unlocked the stretch goal of the "Doom Edition" slipcase for three boxes of Elder Dice. The next goal is just a few grand away and is an upgrade to the Collector's Edition boxes.

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