Warframe Reveals Latest Expansion, Angels Of The Zariman

Digital Extremes held a special livestream this week revealing the next Warframe expansion in the form of Angels Of The Zariman. The main crux of the expansion is an entirely new quest for you to embark on, in which you will revisit the tragic events aboard the infamous Zariman Ten Zero. You'll be heading through the ship trying to uncover what secrets remain, however, you're not alone as others have been drawn to the location by a mysterious song. You'll have to contend with new enemies, new mission types, and of course, a new Warframe to add to the collection. Not to mention a social hub town, customizable apartments for you to make on the Zariman Ten Zero, new customizations, and the usual bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. You can check out the dev notes below along with the trailer, and you can watch the entire livestream down at the bottom.

Warframe Reveals Latest Expansion, Angels Of The Zariman
Credit: Digital Extremes

Angels of the Zariman brings players a smaller, new chapter in its Cinematic Quest saga – a riveting free-to-play sci-fi spectacular with 30+ hours of narrative-driven single-player cinematic gameplay. In addition to a brand new Quest, Angels of the Zariman, brings a wealth of additional content and features, including a new Warframe, three new playable mission types, a social hubtown, customizable apartments for players aboard the Zariman Ten Zero, and new Customizations alongside quality of life improvements. Void Shell Skins will be introduced for the first time, which will further increase customization in Warframe allowing players to freely change textures on materials and apply a tint to their Warframe. These Skins will be available to earn as well as purchase. Additionally, Evolving Weapons will make their debut in Warframe, which can be procured from a new NPC aboard the Zariman. These weapons will evolve based on challenges completed in-game, and players can unlock various aspects of these weapons as they progress.

Aboard the Zariman, players will discover new missions and can visit a new social hubtown called the Chrysalith. This new social hubtown will let players seamlessly access procedural missions without load screens. NPCs will also be introduced in the Chrysalith, offering a variety of side missions and objectives to pursue. Players tuning in to Devstream 160 were able to get a first look at the action game's newest Warframe, Gyre – a formidable Warframe that hones the power of electricity with grace, elegance, and supreme power. More information on Gyre, including her Abilities and signature Weapons and Customizations, will be announced soon.

Three new mission types will be introduced for players completing the Angels of the Zariman Quest that players will be able to select from the Star Chart or from a Bounty NPC in the Chrysalith: Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon. Players who tuned in to Devstream 160 were given a first look at in-progress gameplay from a Void Flood mission – an endless mission type with focus on parkour as players work to collect floating Void Orbs to gain Void Energy used to seal Void Fractures that appear in-mission. Void Orbs can be picked up from fallen enemies, or found in clusters that spawn mid-air for the parkour-inclined.

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