We Review the Respawn RSP-400 Gaming Chair

I have never owned a gaming chair, as most of my hardcore gaming days are behind me. I still game, however, and spend long hours in front of a computer for other reasons. So having a comfortable chair is pretty vital. Enter Respawn, who was gracious enough to send over their RSP-400 model for us to try out! It arrived in its humongous box a couple days ago (seriously, the box almost didn't fit in my doorway). Let's take a look!

I was very surprised how simple this was to assemble. Everything you need is in the box and attaches with a simple allen wrench. The whole thing took about 15 minutes — all that needed attaching were the wheels, slider, and armrests. The back of the chair fits right into the base with two hinges very easily and snug. Make sure you do not install the armrests backwards like, uhh… someone.

Moving on: the adjustments for moving the armrests inward and outward or raising them up or lowering them are simple. Buttons on the front and side of each armrest control all of that. I will say that the armrests feel a touch flimsy. I like that they can expand the width of the chair to fit anyone's size, but I prefer arms attached to the back of the chair itself as one piece. Not a knock — it was still easy to find comfort while resting my arms and sitting naturally — just a personal preference.

As far as comfort while sitting: it is a mixed bag that is going to come down to personal preference. It is easy to recline the chair if that is what you want to do; a simple lever controls that. I do not like the lumbar pillow. The neck "brick" pillow, if you will, is quite comfy, but that lower back pillow just feels obtrusive and unnecessary. Again: that's up to personal preference — it is easy to remove if you are so inclined by using the straps on the back of the chair.

Actually, sitting in this thing is a treat. I spent intermediate times and then a lengthy period in the chair, and at no point did I have to squirm around to find a good comfort spot. After a few hours there was no soreness or anything.

So, I would say this is a great option for gamers or people buying this for your desk, with a caveat. I personally would have preferred a chair with connected arms to the chair. That's a dealbreaker for me. But if you don't mind that, this is a comfortable, sleek, finely crafted chair to spend you dollar on. The stitching is immaculate; I love the blue. It is a very sharp-looking product.

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