What's In The Box?! Geek Fuel – March 2018

Over the weekend we received our latest subscription box in the form of the red Geek Fuel box for the month of March. The company has been on a bit of a roll with the stuff they've sent out recently, so we couldn't wait to check out what they sent our way this month.

First up we take a look at the pin for this box, which is from the TV show The X-Files, as they sent us our own little Agent Fox Mulder. Granted, he looks a little happier than the real Mulder does in the show, but you get the idea. He was one of four options which included Scully, a rare pin in the form of an alien, and the ultra-rare pin in the form of Richard Langly from the Lone Gunmen. The enamel design is nice with Mulder holding a flashlight and his badge over his shirt at work, while the rubber stopper on the back is a nice addition. This one is a winner for us.

Next up, we got a keychain in the form of a Crystal Key from Ready Player One. This one is specifically based on the design of the upcoming Steven Speilberg film and not necessarily tied into the book. The key itself looks alright, but it's basically a flat metal design with a key printed on it. This looks okay, but it would have been much cooler to have an actual key that looked like the Crystal Key rather than a print job. The key also comes with a chance to win an HTC Vive, which we didn't win, so best of luck to the rest of you!

The game in this box is Forced Showdown, which is a deck-building bullet hell brawler. Yes, we know, those terms don't normally go well together, if at all. But the game utilizes mechanics from all three genres to give you a partial RPG experience paired with a partial intense wargames experience. The game has been out for almost two years now and when it originally came out I remember it had some buzz but it didn't really garner the massive audience they were hoping for. Hopefully, all the copies going out to people will generate some new interest in the game. It's a pretty decent game, nothing bad about it, but also isn't super extraordinary. It'll be fun for whoever gets into it.

Next on the list is an X-Men Mystery Minis figure. This is the one item I had an issue with, and not because of anything from Geek Fuel. The item came busted, as you can see below, Magneto's head was broken from the spring in the box. This is, for me personally, the third time I've bought a Funko bobblehead figure in this condition. Over the past few years, I purchased a Daredevil and a Deadpool figure that both ended up being in the same condition. Its nothing some glue can't fix, but I shouldn't have to fix it. Again, we don't hold Geek Fuel responsible, because this was a mini figure in a box wrapped in tight plastic. It should have been fine. This is poor craftsmanship on the part of Funko and it was super disappointing to see yet again.

Now to the final item in the box, the make-or-break item: the t-shirt. This month we got this amazing Mr. Spock shirt in blue with a cool '60s font called "Keep On Truckin" and the classic pose with the Vulcan Salute. The shirt is essentially a four-color print with a piece of art from the show Photoshopped in, printed on a navy blue background. There was a possibility of getting another shirt that would have been Kirk on yellow, but we're content with having Spock instead. It's just more logical to us. This is a definate winner in our books and we're happy to wear this around to the conventions coming this summer.

Overall, I enjoyed parts of this month, but there were a couple letdowns, mainly in the keyring and the X-Men figure. They seem like good ideas with bad planning. The rest of the box is fine, with the shirt being the standout of the bunch. Here's hoping that next month will remedy the letdowns from this month.

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