What's Next For 2021 Community Days In Pokémon GO

According to Niantic, they're listening to the Pokémon GO community. They're listening about feedback on new features, about mistakes during events, and, perhaps most importantly, about the negative reception of recent Community Days. The announcement of Machop and Roselia Community Day, both poorly received, were followed up with a message that has since been deleted informing the fanbase that Niantic will take feedback into consideration when developing the next Community Days. This led to Fletchling Community Day, which many, including myself, enjoyed. So… if Niantic truly is listening to the community, what should Pokémon GO Community Days look like in the future?

Fletchling Community Day graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Fletchling Community Day graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What Pokémon GO should do

  • Starters: There was a time when every other Community Day featured the Shiny release and unlocking of an exclusive move for a starter Pokémon. It couldn't last, as they were running out of starters, but we now have six starters in the game without Community Days. It's time.
  • Pseudo Legendaries: Because of the previous Community Day structure, many assumed that Gible would receive one. Instead, Niantic opted to keep the Pokémon hyper rare. Monetizable in its rarity. However, with species like Deini, Axew, Archen, and Noibat now also rare in Pokémon GO, Gible's rarity has run its course. It's time for pseudo Legendaries to get their Community Days once again.
  • New Shinies: Some may disagree, but it's not an opinion that a Shiny release is a major (often the major) draw for many players. The community at large wants new Shinies. That should have been obvious when Weedle was chosen over more meta-relevant Pokémon in last summer's vote.
  • Moves relevant to raids: The last year of Community Days seemed to focus exclusively on PVP moves. Which is fine. However, the raiding community of Pokémon GO feels neglected, which should be addressed in both the choice of Pokémon and the choice of exclusive attacks.

What they shouldn't do

  • Kanto: No more. It's done.
  • Common spawns: Machop, Gastly, and Magikarp were the worst offenders, but this has been bad beyond those three choices. It's time to spice things up, and starting with Fletchling, a new addition to the game from the Kalos region, was a great step. Now, let's see some follow-through.

Will these changes be made? If Niantic truly is listening to the Pokémon GO community, there is hope for Community Day yet.

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