Xbox Teases Halo Infinite's First Campaign Gameplay Reveal

Xbox is preparing for their presentation this week by bringing out all the big guns they got, including a look at Halo Infinite. The company took to Twitter this morning to promote the game, in what seems like a pretty obvious move, as no one ever thought they would be skipping out on a new console release with a Halo game. But the tweet and its imagery, which you see below, are pretty short and to the point as well will be seeing the first official reveal of campaign gameplay video content. There's no links or special video, just a 10-second gif showing off the background of the new Halo you'll be running around on, most likely killing Covenant and Flood and whatever else from the last couple games may be inhabiting the ring.

Check out Halo Infinite's first campaign gameplay reveal on Thursday, courtesy of Xbox.
Check out Halo Infinite's first campaign gameplay reveal on Thursday, courtesy of Xbox.

Which kind of leads us to the main talking point about all of this is that we don't really know anything about the story, who you're fighting, what the purpose of you going down to this broken Halo is. 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios have been keeping their mouths shut when it comes to the finer details beyond what little we already know from trailers and the smallest of leaks. There's nothing really to go off of when it comes to the novels as they either go back in time or branch off to follow the adventures of other soldiers who are not connected to John-117. There isn't even a trace of anything related to Halo 5, which in theory should have some connection to the game. But again, there's not enough info out there to glean anything from. We'll see what we get on Thursday, but don't be surprised if we see a lot of explosions and gunfire and end up with more questions.

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