2017 Wrestling Countdown #5: Paige and Eva Marie Total Divas Drama

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Total Divas is objectively WWE's best television show. Not only does it contain more drama per minute than any other program on the company's roster, but it also treats the actual in-ring action with more respect than WWE's actual wrestling programs, going out of its way to make it seem like the matches matter and are motivated by the aforementioned drama on the show. So, it's no surprise that Total Divas-related posts dominated the wrestling scene on Bleeding Cool in 2017, taking 3 of the top 5 slots.

But just like WWE's other televised wrestling shows, it was the drama behind the scenes that captivated audiences more than what was actually shown on screen, and the ongoing question of the futures of stars Paige and Eva Marie was a wellspring of clickbait article opportunities. As it turns out, the finale was the last time we'd see Eva Marie in WWE, but eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Paige has recently made her return after more than a year away, after breaking up with boyfriend Alberto El Patron, though a recent house show injury could put her back on the shelf.

Original Headline: Is Tonight's Total Divas Finale The Last Time We'll See Eva Marie And Paige In WWE?


Tonight, the season finale of Season 6 of WWE Total Divas will air on the E! Network, and it could be the last time we see WWE superstars Paige and Eva Marie on WWE television. Both superstars have been "on the outs" with the company for months. Paige was suspended from WWE for violating the company's wellness policy last year, and since then she's been traveling the world with fiancee and former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, posting videos to social media wherein Del Rio trashes WWE, particularly WWE executive Triple H. Paige's relationship with Del Rio, and WWE's dislike of the relationship, was featured as a storyline on Total Divas, though Del Rio's departure from the company was real, blurring the lines between kayfabe and reality. Paige's suspension for violating the wellness policy was also featured on the show, and since that episode, we haven't seen Paige on the show since.

Eva Marie was also suspended from WWE for a wellness policy violation last year, and though that hasn't come up on the show yet, it's featured as part of the advertising for tonight's episode. It seems we'll see Eva Marie suspended tonight on the Total Divas season finale, and we may never see her again in WWE after that. Following her suspension, Eva Maria deleted references to being a WWE superstar from her social media accounts, dyed her trademark red hair black, and took a job in a movie with Nicholas Cage.

Rumors are that Eva Marie is done with WWE, and also that WWE has no plans to use Paige when she is ready to return from a neck injury, even though she remains under contract. In Paige's case, WWE is participating in making a movie based on Paige's life produced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. There may be too much invested in that for WWE to get rid of Paige, but we're unlikely to see her back in the ring as long as she and Del Rio continue to trash the company on social media.

What that means is that we may have already seen the last of Paige on WWE television, and tonight's Total Divas season finale may be the last time we see Eva Marie. That's just one more reason to tune into WWE's best weekly television show when it airs at 9 p.m. Eastern on E! tonight.

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