A New Kind Of Criminal Intent – Vincent D'Onofrio On Playing The Kingpin

donofrioVincent D'Onofrio became a household name playing the eccentric and brilliant Detective Robert Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Now he has shaved his head to become the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk on the new Marvel and Netflix series Daredevil. The actor talked with Screen Crush recently about his new role and we have a few highlights from the interview.

Talking about what it's like to be working on a Marvel project like Daredevil:

They're looking for artists that are willing to take chances and are willing to create characters, even if that character has been around for years and years in comic books, they still are depending on us to create something and take it somewhere else. Robert Downey [Jr.] is the perfect example of that. Who knew that Iron Man was going to be who Robert made him? And Jon Favreau. I would have never guessed Iron Man was going to be that kind of Tony Stark. Not in a million years, and, you know, that's because of Jon and especially Robert. So, everybody is following suit with that. Personally, I felt Downey kind of led the way in that, and he's kind of said to the studios and to the public, "It can work. These Marvel things can work."

On if he enticed by the opportunity to crossover into other TV shows or even branch out into the movies:

Well, I think they have some kind of plan. I'm not really allowed to discuss what the plan is, but they have a plan. I think the beginning of the plan is series stuff with Netflix, and then they have a bigger plan to branch out, but I wouldn't be able to tell you specifically what that is.

When asked about what he wanted to bring out of the character of Wilson Fisk:

I'm not gonna tell you. I think – it's not just me, by the way, it's the writer. It's Steven DeKnight, it's Jeph Loeb at Marvel, it's the scripts, and it's me. I think it's gonna be the … I hope — I should say – I hope it's gonna be the new way to look at Wilson Fisk. I think that there will be no other Wilson Fisk but this one after we're all done with it. That's what we're hoping for.


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