DC FanDome: The Rock Unleashes First Look At Black Adam

The Rock helped introduce DC FanDome to Black Adam this afternoon, part of the mega-event that has been going on all day. Rumored for over a decade, this is a role that Johnson was almost born to play. The star teased the panel last night by tweeting out a short video that ended with a tease of the suit he will wear in the film, which looks more like armor that the leotard he wears in the comics. The glowing lightening on his chest also matches that of Shazam! from that film, as the two are of course linked together. You can see the Black Adam suit below.

DC FanDome: The Rock Unleashes First Look At Black Adam
Black Adam Concept Art

Black Adam Is In Good Hands

Going ver the history of the character during a short video, you really get a sense of the reverence that Johnson has for the character. He sees Black Adam as more of an anti-hero that does not practice restraint. Ultimately very likable, at least to him. He name-checked Wonder Woman as a character that he respects, so maybe teasing a pairing in the future? That could be cool. He also wants to hang out with Superman…more teasing.


The official logo for Black Adam. Credit: Warner Bros.
The official logo for Black Adam. Credit: Warner Bros.

Black Adam has been a project that The Rock has long-wanted to do, because he is more of a blurred line and has layers. His origins are that of a slave. His people, his family, he has felt those burdens and pressures. Until he couldn't take it anymore, and how he sees and delivers justice. He also promised to stay true to the character and his maybe more problematic parts of his personality.

Noah Centineo joined him to discuss playing Atom Smasher and helping introduce the JSA to the DCEu, but mostly talked about his workouts to get in shape. He said that Atom Smasher just has this idea of helping people and the journey he goes on to figure out what being a hero is all about. The JSA is a big subject, and it turns out that not just Atom Smasher will be here, but Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Cyclone will be joining him as well. All and all, it is Black Adam's world, and we will just be living in it.


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