Blade Director Suggests New Film Won't Rely on Comics

The upcoming Blade reboot will add the fan-favorite character to the current MCU but don't expect to see Blade depend on the comic iterations to find a storyline.

Back in July, we learned that director Bassam Tariq was tapped to helm the upcoming Blade film for Marvel; however, aside from his involvement and that Mahershala Ali would play the titular character, any information beyond that has been pretty scarce at best. After taking on several ambitious big-budget projects on lesser-known characters, Blade appeared to be the perfect character to incorporate into the next phase of Marvel – and the director recently offered a few details about what to expect (or not to expect.)

Blade Nightstalking Cover
Blade Nightstalking Front Cover

Tariq hinted to Gizmodo, "What's so great is it's not as boxed in as I think people imagine it to be, which I thought it was. But it's quite exciting, and I think the reality is there is no Blade canon. In some comics, his name is Fred H. Blade, you know, instead of Eric Brooks. Unfortunately, the runs never lasted that long, and there have been some interesting and exciting waves. But I can say [the new movie is] character first."

Knowing that Blade will feature a new adaptation of the character brings a nice refreshing jolt for the MCU, having already covered so many stories throughout their expansive comic lore. In a post-Avengers: Endgame world, there's a lot more room to broaden their horizons and try new ideas for characters we love, ones we could love, and a few questionable ones as well!

In another interview with IndieWire, Tariq also expressed his love for the previous films and his hopes to expand that creative legacy, explaining, "For me to now be working with somebody as talented and a juggernaut as Mahershala Ali, and the writer Stacy Osei-Kuffour, I'm just so — I'm so honored to be working with real Black juggernauts and Black talent. For me to just be with them in this room and listen and learn as I build this out, it's really an honor."

Blade begins filming in July of 2022.

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