David Gordon Green's Halloween Waiting For The New Year To Film

Production has been delayed for the 2018 Halloween remake/reboot/sequel until the upcoming January. The film, which is by David Gordon Green and co-written by comedic actor Danny McBride, was supposed to start shooting this past October (fittingly). However, that has been postponed until mid-January of 2018 according to Bloody Disgusting.

Halloween 2018 with Jamie Lee Curtis
Halloween 2018 with Jamie Lee Curtis

The film is set to have original Laurie Strode Jamie Lee Curtis along with a daughter named Karen, played by Judy Greer.

They have also put out a casting call for extras across the South Carolina online publication, The Island Packet. So, if you're in that area and are interested in being in the newest installment of the long-lived Halloween franchise, this could be your chance to breath the same air as Michael Myers. They're also looking for real police officers, EMTs, nurses, CSI analysts, photographers, and a coroner.

The film is still slated for October 19th, 2018. Despite my earlier sarcasm, it is supposed to be a direct sequel to the original John Carpenter Halloween film, ignoring the other sequels (which still kind of makes it a reboot). This even includes the quite good Halloween II, (which arguably makes it a very loose remake of Halloween II), meaning Laurie is no longer related to Michael Myers. This sets up the film to be more of a personal thing than just relying on the significance of blood relation. That does make one wonder what the hell Michael Myers' has been doing for 40 years. I can only imagine he's having nightmares about Rob Zombie remakes.

More information is likely to come out soon, and we'll deliver it to you once we have it.

Personally, I'm intrigued. Jamie Lee Curtis is a great actress, and I did love the first two Halloween films. They're not as scary to a modern audience, but it definitely has its charms. Plus, the first was by John Carpenter, so it was directed very well.

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