'Dredd' Star Karl Urban Toasts 2000AD's 40th Anniversary

DreddThere are plenty of sad stories when it comes to great movies that were before their time but none is sadder than 2012's Dredd. It did everything that a good adaption should; it remained true to the source material and was rewarded by bombing horribly at the box office. It was a few years too early for the R rated comic book movie and had it come out a few years later there is a good chance it could have at least broken even.

Star Karl Urban and the dedicated fanbase have never really given up hope when it comes to a sequel though and Urban toasted 2000AD's 40th anniversary with an amusing instagram post.

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The man still has the grumpy face down pat. The irony is that Logan could be the shot in the arm the studio needs to see that ultra violent R rated comic book movies are viable in the modern market.

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