Fox News Takes Sexism In Comics To A Whole New Level

In a segment that looks like its right out of the 1950s, Fox & Friends this morning did a report that started off with what they called the "wussification" of Popeye and lead to complaints about Thor being a woman and Wonder Woman not being in short shorts and a halter top in the new movie.

I don't watch Fox News, I only found this because of a link on my facebook page to another site that broke down the segment. Now I'm recommending that you watch the entire video below so you can see that none of these comments are taken out of context. These horrible comments come straight from the hosts.

First they started by talking about the test footage done of Popeye that was released earlier in the week. This is not the finished art, it's a test… but that didn't stop Tucker Carlson, Anna Kooiman and Clayton Morris. I feel sorry for Kooiman who seems to be the only one who realizes they are living in a very different world than the one seen on Mad Men… and she is the only one who seems to realize that someone else might see this report.

CARLSON: This is a sad story.

MORRIS: This is a very sad story. Get out your tissues this morning… According to leaked photos, the new Sony Pictures version of Popeye will look like this: Without the iconic anchor tattoo and the smoking pipe! Are they wussifying Popeye?

CARLSON: Of course, they're wussifying. Nothing is scarier to a modern liberal than tobacco. If Popeye were driving around giving the morning after pill to fourth graders, that would be totally fine. But smoking a pipe, a symbol of freedom and masculinity in America itself, the reason this country exists, tobacco, that's like, 'Oh, that's outrageous. That's a major sin.'

KOOIMAN: The thing with Popeye is that Popeye was designed for one reason because it had a nice message for children… Popeye taught you to eat your spinach… And if you smoke, you might get lung cancer.

CARLSON: No child has ever smoked a pipe because of Popeye.

When did smoking a pipe become the symbol of freedom and masculinity?

Then the topic of the new female Thor was brought up and Carlson was quick to point out two things.

CARLSON: If you think that's bewildering, take a look at this. This is Thor. Now you may notice something a little different. Popeye lost something, Thor has added something, a couple of them. That's the new bustier Thor because Thor is now a chick.

Yes, he really used the word "chick" in 2014.

But where it really goes off the rails is when they start talking about Wonder Woman and the new Gal Gadot version.

MORRIS: Look what we've done to Wonder Woman over the years. I want the iconic primary colors of Wonder Woman…but they've shoved her into that Batman Vs. Superman movie and given her these dark tone colors. And in the comic book, they've taken her from that beautiful, you know the short shorts, and they've stuck her in a pantsuit like she's on her way to an accountant's office.

KOOIMAN: Some people would say that this is an important thing that we're not sexualizing these women so much. It's the same for men. I mean, we make sure they have perfect figures, actually larger-than-life better.

CARLSON: That's a good Islamic point. We should cover them. We should cover the women because, otherwise, it just incites the men. It's immodest as we say in the Sharia.

MORRIS: I want to see Wonder Woman in the original short-shorts, and the halter top.

KOOIMAN: I think she looks great. I actually like that outfit better.

MORRIS: If you've got the body, flaunt it. That's what I always say.

This is like watching a class on the things not to say. I've heard the argument for Wonder Woman being in her more traditional outfit and never once did I hear it referred to as short-shorts and a halter top. Its like they went out of their way to use the Popeye test footage to get to the heart of their argument which appears to be that Wonder Woman should be half naked.


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