Freddy Vs. Jason Teaser Trailer From 1997 Found

Freddy Vs. Jason Teaser Trailer From 1997 Found

Though, Freddy vs. Jason came out way back in 2003, we had known that this movie was a long time in coming, and it had been stuck in production hell for a long time. By this point, both film franchises were trying to collectively rival James Bond and Godzilla for amount of movies made, and they were starting to come out, well, wrong would be putting it pretty charitably. Freddy vs. Jason itself wasn't the most critically successful movie ever, and it is widely hated by this point, despite having some camp charm to it. Regardless, it did make itself a decent amount of money, more than either franchise was making alone at that point. It was also still the wide-eyed innocent days before Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company had gotten its hands on the two for a disastrous reboot.

To show evidence for how long the Freddy vs. Jason project had been on the line and how serious New Line Cinema was about making it, I present to you a teaser trailer for Freddy vs. Jason from 1997, six years before the movie would finally be released to theaters:

This was discovered by Youtuber José Mellinas, and signal-boosted by MovieWeb.

Freddy vs. Jason had already been on the block for 10 years before this trailer was even released. At this point, special effects and make-up artist Rob Bottin was supposed to direct the film itself. It was of course, Ronny Tu who brought the film to cinemas in 2003.

It's kind of crazy how long things like this can remain on the shelf, especially when it seems like something that should be put out while the franchises it draws from are still mega-popular. Freddy vs. Jason was set up for in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, and even that came out way back in 1993, still 10 years before the proper release of the film.

Freddy vs. Jason, while not the best made movie nor genuinely good, is still a fun watch. Its campy and ridiculous, and I actually recommend one viewing just to see what it turned out like.

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