Gotham Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: New Allies Revealed

This article will contain spoilers for the Gotham Season 4 episode 'A Dark Knight: Those Who Wear Masks'. Ye be warned!


I think almost all of the pieces for the new season are in place. It's surprising that it's taken three episodes to do it, but Gotham has a lot of moving parts.

To hit the highlights, Selina dons a mask to steal from Penguin, but Bruce (in his mask) interrupts her. He also fights four armed gunmen and only gets a cut — nice work on the suit, Lucius. Gordon goes down to an unknown place that seems to be in South America to meet with Carmine Falcone. Carmine says he's dying and can't help, but introduces Jim to his child that the detective hasn't killed yet.

Meanwhile, Penguin is upset and worried about the auction merchandise and goes to check on it, leaving the club alone for some weird woman to come in and defrost the Riddler. Alfred teaches Bruce the importance of characters and acting. Barbara tries to buy from Penguin the dagger Selina failed to steal. She also fails. Gordon and Sofia Falcone have a dink together, a long walk on the beach and then it turn romantic way to quick since he did kill her brother.

Bruce realizes the dagger is tied to Ra's al Ghul and goes and outbids Barbara for it, while acting like a spoiled brat. Selina goes to get the dagger from Bruce, but he refuses. Nygma thaws out and we learn that his brain isn't working well. And we end finding out that Ra's is Barbara's backer, he brought her back to life with the Lazarus Pit and they kiss. I totally called that… not the kissing part, but backer/Lazarus part.

My take on all this? I'm not buying the dying thing with Falcone or how quickly her and Jim hit it off. There's a play going on here. Bruce is coming along nicely on his journey to being Batman and Selina is on her way to being Catwoman. I still miss the conniving Penguin, a bit too whiney — but he did lose his Edsicle. Zsasz continues to be a bright spot with his comments. And they may have raced through the Riddler sidekick story too fast. She could've been fun to keep around… unless they bring her back from the dead and she's the new Harley Quinn. I mean, it is Gotham.

Next week it looks like Jim is starting to catch on that something is going on with Bruce, and he learns about Ra's al Ghul. It will be interesting to see how things progress with Sofia Falcone — and we're getting closer to the debut of Solomon Grundy, too. They might set up some things next week.

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