Halloween Ends: Set Pic Shows The Final Girl Support Group

Halloween Ends is filming as we speak, as David Gordon Green puts the final stamp on his trilogy of films exploring the relationship between a monster and the place that birthed him. Jamie Lee Curtis has been posting updates from the set on her Instagram, including this one from today, showing herself, Kyle Richards, and Andi Matichak as "The Final Girl Support Group." The three are standing in front of chairs with their characters' names on them as well. You can see the post down below.


Halloween Ends For Some, But Probably Not For Everyone

According to director David Gordon Green recently, Halloween Ends will feature a time jump of around four years: "There is a time jump. It gets back onto a contemporary timeline, so it'll jump four years," Gordon Green explains to Collider. He continues, "This weekend, I was rampaging on a new pass of it, but we start prep in two weeks. So they're wanting me to lock in something more definitive, which I think we'll be in good shape for that to shoot in January. The script's in great shape. It's just a matter of committing to certain paths and characters and constructing new set pieces."

Halloween Timelines- Which One Is Your Favorite?
Halloween 2018. Credit Universal/Blumhouse

After the ending of Halloween Kills, Laurie will be out for blood. Michael has taken her daughter's life, and her granddaughter probably will have something to say about it as well. The surprise is that Richards is coming back for more, as she was initially not supposed to be back for Halloween Ends, but then fans pretty much universally loved her in Kills, and let's face it: she's the only one Michael DIDN'T kill. Nothing is known about the plot at this point, but Halloween Ends does release on October 14th.

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