Henry Zaga Talks About the Rotating Release Dates for The New Mutants

It's been a long and rough road for The New Mutants to get to the big screen. At first, it looked like it was going to be the quick and dirty X-Men movie that was shot in very quickly and didn't have a very long turnaround. Instead, the movie ended up getting delayed over and over again until it finally came out this weekend. It's a movie about isolation released during a time when we're all isolated. Bleeding Cool got the chance to speak to Henry Zaga who plays Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot about the journey to the big screen and the movie becoming more relevant despite being shot three years ago.

Bleeding Cool: So this movie has kind of had a really crazy journey to getting to the big screen. What has it been like to just kind of low key watch the build-up over the course of over three years? And also just what was it like just seeing that people have been excited about this since literally the first teaser came out. 

Henry Zaga: The excitement is what keeps us going. Because when you hear something is being pushed that you've worked so hard on, you get a little frustrated, but then you go and see how excited and how curious people get and it really grows exponentially every time. I'm like, "whoa, is this a marketing stunt?" Because people are getting very excited. They really need to see this movie. So it was interesting. It had its pros and cons. We were like, "oh, it's delayed again, but wait, people were getting even more excited."  If anything, it brought us closer, made us more mature, too. I guess we weren't really ready to promote it. Now we are because the world lives in quarantine and we're quarantined in the movie, so…

The New Mutants: New Character Featurette, Clip, and Poster
A Regal poster for The New Mutants. Credit: 20th Century Studios

BC: Exactly. I mean, it's this is literally the second time I've done a Disney movie in the last month for a virtual junket for a movie that's all about being quarantined and captive. Do you want to just talk a little bit about how it just became much more relevant over the course of the last three years than it did when you guys first initially shot it? I think you were on set back in like 2017, right? 

HZ:  Yeah, we were on set in 2017 around this time. We were also quarantining because we were locked in the hotel room and kind of, you know, an hour away from Boston. So there wasn't really that much to do around us, aside from hanging out with each other, which mirrors what we go through in the movie. We're locked up in this facility and we have to hang out with each other. And now we're all locked up at home. But if anything, it made us more like the characters because by hanging out so much you start seeing little traits in each other that help you when you're on set to draw from. So it's all meant to be in a weird way. It's all meant to be. I mean, Josh and I were talking about The Stand and making a show about a virus that kills many people in a really sad way. It's weirdly topical. So… 2020.

Summary: Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone, stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Alice Braga, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga. It's in theaters now.

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