Horror Podcasts Plan 24-hour Halloween Live-Tweet/Stream Event

A collective of horror podcasts loosely organized under the moniker #MutantFam will lead a 24-hour live-tweet event of horror movie-watching that viewers can join on a variety of streaming services.

Horror Podcast Hosts Plan 24-hour Halloween Live-Tweet/Stream Event
Mutant Halloween Marathon logo, Vampire Circus poster, and Vampire Lovers poster used with permission

The Mutant Fam collective initially organized itself around Joe Bob Briggs' Shudder program The Last Drive-In, live-tweeting on Friday nights when that show's new episodes ran during its 2020 season. For the 2020 Halloween event, viewers can follow and join the hashtag #MutantHalloween and tune in to each film's respective streaming services. Hosts chose the movies they would live-tweet with an eye towards popular but less overplayed horror classics.

The event will include contests from sponsors, and organizers from the weekly horror-themed cooking show Mutant Cafe will also be leading twitter followers of the hashtag in a cooking class on slow-cooker dinners.

The Mutant Halloween 2020 Lineup will play as follows:


Beginning 2 PM ET October 31

2:00 PM ET
Trick or Treat (1986)
Hosted by Breanna Whipple of Rue Morgue (@breannimator and @_heavyhorror)
Streaming on YouTube

4:00 PM ET
Vampire Circus (1972)
Hosted by Monster Movie Happy Hour (@monstersndrinks)
Streaming on Shudder

6:00 PM ET
Vampire Lovers (1970)
Hosted by Castle of Horror (@CastleofHorrorP)
Streaming on Shudder

8:00 PM ET
Waxwork (1988)
Hosted by Killer Horror Critic (@KillerfromSpace)
Streaming on Amazon Prime

10:00 PM ET
Fright Night (1985)
Hosted by The Scene Snobs (@TheSceneSnob)
Streaming on Amazon Prime

12:00 AM ET
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)
Hosted by Ritual light and Sound (@24FrameRitual)
Streaming on Amazon Prime


1:00 AM ET
Clown (2014)
Hosted by Mutantfam.com (@mutant_fam)
Streaming on Tubi

3:00 AM ET
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
Hosted by Survivors Guilt (@SurvivorsGuilt3)
Streaming on Amazon Prime

5:00 AM ET
The Lords of Salem (2012)
Hosted by Halloween year-Round (@HalloweenYrRnd)
Streaming on Amazon Prime

7:00 AM ET
Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)
Hosted by Mutant Theater (@MutantTheater2)
Streaming on Amazon Prime

9:00 AM ET
Squirm (1976)
Hosted by The Old Man Club (@TheOldManClub)
Streaming on Amazon Prime

11:00 AM ET
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)
Hosted by Mutant Cafe (@cafemutant)
Streaming on Amazon Prime

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