Is There A New Superman Game In The Works By The Batman: Arkham Origins Developer?

Batman: Arkham Knight has just released, ending what is known as Rocksteady's Arkham Trilogy. The developer has been saying for a while that this was their last game in the series, leading many to wonder what is next? The big speculation from fans has been that the developer will tackle Superman now and there certainly was a lot of references to the Man of Steel's world in Arkham Knight. So who knows? Maybe it could be.

But we could be looking at this all wrong. What if Superman is being tackled by Arkham Origins developer Warner Brothers Montreal, who are said to have a DC game in the works? Here is something interesting that turned up on tumblr Daily Superheroes (via comicbookmovie). It's a picture of an in-game Superman and the caption:



Now, this on its own could be faked and there is absolutely no evidence to support it right now. But, to add a little credibility to the story, this gif has been circulating too showing that this isn't just a photo, it has animation attached.


Now, again, there isn't really any evidence to support this. This could just be a hoax or it could also come from another game or project entirely. I heard some people name drop Infinite Crisis as a possible source, but that game is on the verge of shutting down. I don't see more content being added at this point.

Would it be too far to say that this, just being a skin for Superman, might suggest that there are more playable characters too? Perhaps this is something to do with the Justice League. Right now it is anybodies guess. There is not a lot to work off at all here.

There is also a lot of suggestion that Warner Brothers Montreal's next game is a Suicide Squad game so, basically, I'm not sure what to make of this one way or the other. Still, it is certainly interesting if nothing else. I'll keep digging on this and see what we find.