Justice League Fans: Get Yourself A Mother Box Meal Delivered

Justice League fans can pair the perfect meal with their showings of The Snyder Cut soon, as Wonderland At Home is now offering a "Mother Box" meal they will ship to your door. The box includes food recreations from the DC Universe, like Jitters Coffee, a Big Belly Burger, and more. There is also exclusive digital content, and more you can experience with the included two beers as well. It sounds like the perfect meal to enjoy Justice League with to me. If I wanted to watch that again. I would need way more than two beers, if I am being honest. I would watch Man of Steel with it, though! You can see the full details of the box down below, and order one here,

Justice League Fans: Get Yourself A Mother Box Meal Delivered
Justice League Mother Box Meal At Home

Justice League, Wonder Woman…You Can Watch What You Want

The "Mother Box" contains innovative restaurant-quality food and drink to make at home. Fans will create a reinvention of the fan favourite Big Belly Burger, one of the fast-food brands from the DC universe, sip on a Jitters Coffee and make an incredible dessert straight from the cornfields of Smallville – as well as so much more! Within the box is a tasting menu of treats along with two beers and some surprise sensorial 'extras.' Marrying both the physical and digital worlds together, you can also expect interactive games and exclusive content to enjoy online.

"He comes on the King Tide"
(Vegetarian option available)
Icelandic cod and chips with trench dressing – Prepare at home
"I am a black hole of snacks, I'm like a snack hole"
(Vegetarian boxes contain meat-free patties)
An infamous fast food burger from the DC universe, served with condiments – Prepare at home
"A beacon to the world"
Inspired by the cornfields of Smallville
**Follow us for the reveal!** – Prepare at home
"Men won't know what it means… but she will"
**Follow us for the reveal!**
"There isn't much justice in this world. Perhaps that's why it's so satisfying to occasionally make some"
**Follow us for the reveal!**
"Night and Day"
Two beers straight out the DC universe exclusively brewed for Wonderland At Home (State shipping rules apply)
"So you're fast… that feels like an oversimplification"
Cold brew coffee in a can, served in a flash

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