'Logan' Gets Best Buy Steelbook Release, Black And White Version Included…Steve McNiven Talks Design And Secret Empire As Well


Logan is coming home on May 23, and you may want to get to Best Buy to secure your copy, especially if you are like me and collect Steelbooks. The Steelbook will come in a Three-Disc Set with a Blu-Ray, DVD, and a third disc that will include Logan Noir, the black and white version of the film coming to theaters one night only on May 16. IGN has a short interview with Steve McNiven, who created the artwork for the front and interior of the Steelbook, on how he got the gig:

It was a lot of fun. I actually got the gig through my Instagram account. It was pretty cool to be asked to do it. It was quite the process, a lot of going back and forth doing different designs, trying to come up with different looks.

I knew they wanted to get a flavor of the Old Man Logan stuff that I did, but also to hue to the character, the actor's likenesses. It was definitely a new skill set that I had to sort of figure out. It was fun.

I did a crapload of different designs. Because we were doing the front and the back and an illustration for the inside, at one point we had different designs for the front and the back. There were some characters we added, some we took away and slowly morphed it into what the final product is. It was a pleasant surprise to find people that really knew what they wanted to do and had a cool vision, and at the same time let me do what I do best.

It makes perfect sense that he got to do this, since he drew and designed the look for Old Man Logan with Mark Millar in the first place. They even ask him a touch about Secret Empire and he admits he has never met Nick Spencer in person either:

I'm just buried with Secret Empire. It's a crazy story. I hope people really like it. I worked really hard putting it all together.

I've never actually met him. To this point I've never bumped into him at a convention, but's it's been a lot of fun working with him, he's an amazing writer.

if you want a copy of this, makes sure you are at best Buy when they open on the 23, they notoriously sell out quite fast and do not limit the purchasing amounts,  so scalpers will be out in mass.

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