MCU, DCEU – Perhaps It's Time to Shift Strategy on Superhero Films

Disney and Warner Bros, can we have a heart-to-heart talk? I get you both have two very profitable cash cows in Marvel and DC you rely so much of your profit revenue on, especially for cinemas for the MCU and DCEU, respectively. Let's face facts here: if movie theatres do recover, how long do you think it would take for them to ever reach full capacity? We can't think of modern cinemas the same way anymore because the pandemic and the American public's predominantly ignorant view of it just won't let us have these nice things like "normalcy." So let's rethink this, shall we?

MCU, DCEU –Perhaps It's Time to Shift Strategy on Superhero Films
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How DCEU Should Survive Going Forward. Look at The CW.

So Warner Bros, you decided to shift to simultaneous releases for theatres and HBO Max, which I'll admit is smart for getting subscribers and maximizing your reach. Unfortunately, you also ruffled a lot of feathers within the industry in the process, with the first one in DCEU's Wonder Woman 1984. So why don't we just slow down on these tentpole franchises for now or, better yet, let your fans get their fix on your streamer and on the CW? All your heroes have a regular presence on TV. Hell, Crisis on Infinite Earths showed you could have a small-screen version of Justice League even when you pour your millions in the Snyder Cut for HBO Max.

There are probably a ton of people who would love the opportunity to lead a new generation of filmmakers similar to the renaissance in the 1970s that brought us George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Francis Ford Copolla. Give them that chance. Disney, I see you seen the wonderful benefit of how your streamer in Disney+ can proliferate your biggest IPs with Star Wars and Marvel. Why stop there? You have so many great heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but do all of them now deserve to still have feature films?

Why Marvel Should Cut Down on MCU Heroes and Let More Thrive on TV

I love the Ant-Man franchise, but I would watch the fuck out of a Disney+ MCU  TV series. I don't really care if there's a third film, and director Peyton Reed probably would be just as fine if Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily continued their adventures on TV. The same goes for Shang-Chi or even Eternals. I have no doubt their new upcoming series like Wandavision, Loki, She-Hulk, and What If… finds success. No one would think any lesser if Marvel became more of a TV staple than a film. No one would think any lesser. I would even extend that proposal with Sony's Spider-Man universe. Disney, you already have tons of franchises that are screen staples, and the current logjam of releases isn't going to help them stay relevant. At the same time, there's already an oversaturation within the film industry. You've obviously already felt the franchise fatigue from fans. Just give it some thought and let the market breathe.

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