New 1 Terabyte Xbox One Announced And New Controller Outlined

The storage space on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been a big point of contention since their release. 500gb is just not enough storage for games in this day and age. With the huge intial file sizes, mounting patches, DLC, add-ons and save games, it all stacks up very quickly.

That is why it's a god send that Microsoft have now announced a new 1Terabyte version of the Xbox One. The console is out now in the Europe, but won't hit the U.S. until June 16th. It will run you $399 or £349, while the 500gb version has seen a permanent pricedrop of $349 or £299.

The new controller we've been hearing about over the last week or so has also been shown off officially now too. It features a 3.5mm Jack for universal headphone usage, as well as reworked bumpers. While I've never had issue with them, I hear other people dislike the RB and LB buttons, so it's good this has been addressed.

On top of that, in 'select regions' the Halo: Master Chief Collection now comes packed into the box. That is a pretty good deal.

Here is a video from Microsoft's Major Nelson showing off the new hardware.