New Mutants Grosses $7 Million In Opening Weekend At Box Office

New Mutants finally opened in theaters this past Friday, and with only about 62% of theaters around the country open for business, its weekend take of $7 million is not too shabby. Also taking into consideration that most of said theaters are operating at around 25-30% capacity, and it makes it kind of impressive. As arduous as it was for this film to make it to theaters at all, this has to be considered a win at this point. New Mutants is seeing mixed reviews, and our own Kaitlyn Booth was kind of meh on it, but hey, the box office and Hollywood are just happy to see that people do in fact still want to return to movie theaters.

The New Mutants: Josh Boone Talks Adapting the Demon Bear Story
A new poster for The New Mutants inspired by New Mutants #18: Credit: Official New Mutants Twitter and Bill Sienkiewicz.

New Mutants, Bill & Ted Give Theaters A Pulse

Also opening this weekend was Bill & Ted Face the Music, the long in development third film in the Bill & Ted saga. That one also opened on VOD streaming services as well, so its small $1.06 million is not as anemic as one might think. The film was on top of all the streaming services it was available on, and the bundle of the franchise was number two on most as well. The true story of the success of the film will be measured by its VOD performance.

Bill & Ted Face the Music Brings Old Friends, New Faces [Trailer]
Bill & Ted Face the Music Poster with Samara Weaving, Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves and Brigette Lundy-Paine. Image courtesy of Orion Pictures
All of this is to say, that Hollywood is finally waking up. It remains to be seen just what that means for the future of the box office in 2020, and if things can continue at this pace for much longer. As more areas loosen restrictions, only time can tell. It is nice however to hear people still care about the theatrical experience.

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