Putting The Response To The Fantastic Four Into Perspective

FantasticFour-International-Poster120th Century Fox's latest attempt to bring the Fantastic Four to the big screen has not been received well by critics. The website Rotten Tomatoes pulls together all of the reviews for the film and comes up with a percentage of being "fresh"…  the Josh Trank film came in at 9%. To compare that to two other recently released films gives you a better idea of just what that means. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is sitting at 93% and Ant-Man is at 79%.

So what does that mean for the franchise? We can look at other poorly received super-hero films, how they did on the scale and what happened next.

Folks are hoping that the poor performance by the FF will lead to a Sony / Marvel style deal with Fox to allow the first family of Marvel to join the MCU. Just how bad did the last three Spider-Man films do to lead Sony to make the deal? Spider-Man 3, Sam Raimi's last film which made Sony turn to a new vision and actor, that film came in at 63%. And Amazing Spider-Man 2 which was considered a flop and ended Marc Webb's run with the Wall Crawler was at 53%.

The Daredevil movie that folks thought was so bad that comic fans spoke of Ben Affleck like he had personally tore the character apart… that scored a 44%.

The trailer for Fox's upcoming Deadpool film openly picks on two other films that had Ryan Reynolds in it… X-Men Origins: Wolverine which received a 38% and Green Lantern which got a 26%.

And since this is a reboot of a franchise, we should look at how the previous incarnations did. The original Fantastic Four with Michael Chiklis as a pants wearing Ben Grimm scored a 27%, while Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer is slammed for its gas cloud version of Galactus… it sill received a 36% on the scale.

But to truly put the response to the film in perspective, here are the scores of some of the worst received superhero movies ever.

Ghost Rider 26%

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance 17%

The Spirit 14%

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace 12%

Batman And Robin 11%

Elektra 10%

And what may be the most tell-tale sign of just how poorly the film has been reviewed… it has the same score as the Halle Berry Catwoman.

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