Rayman In Smash Brothers Video Is A Fake, But Seeing How It Was Created Is Almost As Interesting

As comes with the job, not everything I report on will come to fruition. Leaks can be lost in translations, misunderstood by the source or just plain fabricated. It turns out the story about Rayman being in Super Smash Brothers from earlier today was the latter. I did headline it as a rumour, so you can't call me on that, but I was more or less fooled by the hoax.

The guy who created the convincing video of the character being selected has come forward as Artsy Omni. He explains how he created the the faux 'leaked footage' with a combination of PhotoShop and AfterEffects. He recorded his whole process and it is actually pretty interesting work.


Well done to Omni for pulling a fast one one half the internet. I just hope he hasn't sparked a new trend of more fake game footage showing up. That would make my life significantly harder.