Sasha Banks is the Greatest Women's Wrestler Ever, Says Sasha Banks

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks has revealed who she thinks is the best woman to ever step foot in the squared circle: Sasha Banks. Banks named herself as the greatest of all time during an interview with Sky Sports.

"I am the greatest women's wrestler ever," Banks declared, placing herself above not only contemporaries like Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss, but also above past WWE greats like Trish Stratus and Lita, legends like Mae Young, and international stars from the past and present. Banks didn't explain why she feels the greatest female wrestler to ever live, but when you're the GOAT, do you really need to explain yourself?

Banks did say that she intends to prove her claim in what she's expecting to be a long WWE career.

"I want to show the world that," Banks said. "I'm in no rush for it. I plan on being in WWE for a long time and that's something we can pick up at any time."

Banks was talking about a potential reignition of her feud with Bayley, of which she also said, "That rivalry with Bayley is something I would love to pick back up because she has my number and that annoys me."

Banks also said that WWE might as well launch a women's tag team division since the company doesn't seem to know what to do with the women's division other than constantly pitting them in tag team matchups against each other.

"We have tag matches all the time, every single week, so I say why not get a championship involved in that?" Banks suggested. She didn't mention whether it would be a three-woman or four-woman championship, as WWE seems to be fond of six-women and eight-women matches.

"I think we have enough women on the roster now to actually have a women's tag division," Banks elaborated. "We've been given multiple storylines but at the same time, it's very hard to accomplish something if you're not actually fighting for anything. Only one woman can go after the women's championship and I think if we had tag team championships we'd be able to create way more interesting storylines."

In addition to being the greatest female wrestler of all time, Sasha Banks is apparently extremely optimistic about the capabilities of the WWE creative staff.

Sasha Banks is the Greatest Women's Wrestler Ever, Says Sasha Banks

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