Six Important Moments From Supergirl – Childish Things

*** Spoilers for last night's episode of Supergirl ***




Last night's new episode of Supergirl was called Childish Things and focused on Winn Schott and his father. But it also furthered a lot of the subplots that are going on this season. Here are the six important moments from last night.

1 – We start with some back story on Winn Schott and find out that his father has been in prison for murder. The senior Schott  made toys for a living when his boss stole his ideas and made a fortune. To get revenge, he put a bomb in a toy and sent it to his former boss, but the secretary opened it instead and a bunch of people died. Winslow Schott Sr.  went to prison leaving his son alone. Basically the origin of this universe's Toyman.

2 – The producers start to fix the problem they made. When they decided after the pilot had already began to make Hank Henshaw into J'onn J'onzz it left a big question: Why doesn't he use his powers to help people? So they have Alex Danvers harass him until he agrees to go in and spy on Maxwell Lord and we learn that there is a cost to him using his powers… what they are we don't know but he tells us that the more he uses his power the more he is likely to become the Manhunter. Which I'm guessing is bad.

3 – Lucy Lane gets hired by Cat Grant. This is only important because it helps build the double romantic triangle that seems to be going on in the series. So now we have the Winn – Kara – James triangle and the Kara – James – Lucy triangle. This is always my least favorite part of the episodes but maybe it's important to others so there it is.

4 – Toyman vs Supergirl. This is my favorite moments from the episode because we got to see Kara using her intelligence and powers. Most of he fighting so far has been about brute strength and overpowering. But in this episode she had to pause and think about her actions. Freezing the quicksand to get out. And then creating an ice shield to protect everyone from the bombs. Why no one died from being stabbed with flying ice shards is another question…

5 – Winn tries to kiss Kara and it goes badly. And he doesn't try to back track. He put it out there that he's in love with her and that things can't go back to normal. But then again, after having your father try to force you to commit murder you probably don't feel like hiding your emotions anymore. Which could lead to some very interesting things like maybe Winn following in his father's footsteps.

6 – And finally, Lex Luther knows… I'm sorry, Maxwell Lord knows who Supergirl is. By placing a camera on Alex's purse (which was far too big for a date night, she should have taken a clutch) Max was able to see Kara and Alex curled up on the couch watching a movie. Kara of course is still in her Supergirl outfit (it must be comfortable) and nothing at the DEO would have scanned Alex's purse for hidding bugs, etc. But now Max knows she's Supergirl and he knows there is something else out there (J'onn). That should help fuel his paranoia.

The main thing we get from this episode is a change of the status quo across the board. Hank has new motivation, the dynamite between Winn and Kara is different, Lucy around more and Max getting more dangerous. It sets things up nicely for the second half of the season.

Looks like things get even more interesting next week when we get to see a White Martian.


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