We're Taking Fire! Watch The Talked About Scene That Killed One Of Fear The Walking Dead's Leads

Warning! There Will Be Spoilers After The Image:


Well that didn't take long, AMC's season three two-part/two-hour premiere for Fear The Walking Dead wasted little time in getting down to business. As the second hour got started, several of our primaries Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) were on board a military chopper escaping the collapse of an army base.

Before they've made it very far, the helicopter begins taking small-arms fire from the ground.


The pilots do their best to get away from whomever is shooting at them, but suddenly one shot punches through one of the windows and through Travis' neck. Alicia sees the blood, and Travis already knows what it means. He takes a long moment and unbuckles himself from his seat before turning to the chopper door and begins to open it. Clearly he knows what will happen as soon as he dies, and would rather not do it while sitting in the cabin across from Alicia. She tries to stop him but as he turns back to her, we see that another shot has punched a nasty hole through his side. She realizes that nothing can be done for him and stops her protests, but never takes her eyes off of him before he lets himself fall out towards the ground below.

It seems that the main Walking Dead series has upped the shock value over the past season so perhaps Fear will be headed in the same direction. From the height he fell (and his injuries) he's dead – no questions there, however whether he stays dead or if he shows up at the Ranch to twist the emotional knife a bit more remains to be seen.

At least we know that Curtis won't be in any loss for work as he's signed on as one of the stars of the upcoming Avatar sequels.

You can watch the full shocking scene below:

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