The Big Reveal On Supergirl Last Night

I'll be honest… I have not been watching Supergirl when it airs. I watch Gotham in that time slot and then catch the Girl of Steel the next morning on-line. In doing that I tend to see all the spoilers in my newsfeed so I know what to expect. But Gotham is on its winter break and that lead me to watch Supergirl live last night and I'm happy I did.

Spoilers going forward so act accordingly.




We knew we were going to get an alien presence again… but the one they talked about was Jemm, Son of Saturn.

JemmBut we also got the reveal of who Hank Henshaw really is. Comic fans went into the series knowing that Henshaw in the comics was also the Cyborg Superman and have been expecting to learn the same in the new CBS series. But since the general audience didn't know, the writers had to set up the reveal. We started seeing Hank's eye glow red occasionally… totally Cyborg Superman. Then we learned that Henshaw blackmailed Kara's foster father into joining the DEO and was on a mission with him when he got killed. Even more incriminating. And then in this episode when Jemm escapes, Henshaw starts acting all strange and guilty. So by the very end we learn that he is in reality….

wait for it…



J'onn J'onzz: Martian Manhunter.


I never saw that coming. And look at him. No half hidden TV version, that looks like his current costume and look in the comics. And the nice thing here is not only do we have another major hero on television, but since the real Hank Henshaw died… they can still bring him back as Cyborg Superman down the line. Well done.

And here is the actual reveal:


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