This Metal Gear Solid V Figure Has Poseable Breasts

Ever since Quiet was revealed as a Metal Gear Solid 5 character, I've been a little cautious. It surely isn't hard to see why either. The design of the character is ludicrous, what with he underwear and fishnet battle uniform. On top of that, having a character that looks the way she does, calling her Quiet and thus far, making her silent is…well, it's problematic.

Of course, I've not played the game. This could be a really subversive comentary on the fetishzation of women in games.

Having said that, this doesn't exactly fill me with hope. Hideo Kojima tweeted out images of a figure of the character that is being designed by PlayArts. It reveals that some of the material it's made of is softer so it can be "lifted" and "pushed". That material is on the character's breasts





Look, there isn't too much I can add here. You'll either find this weird or not and that's your own parameter. I for one, do think this is pretty demeaning, and totall undersells what Kojima is doing. Eesh.

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