On Total Divas Star Paige's Shocking Video, Alberto Del Rio Trashes WWE Boss Triple H: "Big Nose," "No ****"


Total Divas star Paige took to Periscope last night to broadcast another anti-WWE tirade from her fiancee, fellow wrestler and former co-worker Alberto Del Rio. The story of Paige and Del Rio is a strange saga, with Paige's relationship with Del Rio a storyline on the E! Network reality show. But with Paige out of action with an injury and Del Rio no longer working for the company, the pair have taken their gimmick on the road. While Paige's suspension for a wellness policy violation was teased in the promo for the next episode of Total Divas, Paige and Del Rio have been releasing videos on the internet where Del Rio trashes Paige's employer, repeatedly insults WWE executive Triple H, and vaguely insinuates that WWE was connected to the release of hacked sex tapes featuring Paige and two other wrestlers.

The latest video, broadcast on Paige's periscope, opens with Del Rio singing Karaoke onstage at his restaurant in San Antonio, TX, La Cantinita. As the video closes in on Alberto, he warmly welcomes the viewers into his world.

"This is my restaurant," Del Rio says, turning the camera around to show the interior of the restaurant. "This is my country."

"And I still believe Triple H has a big nose and no balls," he added.

Del Rio and some pals then continue serenading the viewer, before Del Rio leans into the camera and explains of the mostly empty restaurant, "If you are in San Antonio, this is the place to come. La Cantinita. [unintelligble] place. My place."

"We are happy people, my wife and I," Del Rio continues. "Paige and I. We're happy."

"For all of you out there trying to make us, go fuck yourself," Del Rio adds as jarringly pleasant music plays in the background. "Some people was saying stupid stuff about us and about me saying stuff about Triple H. Triple H, you're a fucking pussy. And I don't have to be drunk to say this. You're a pussy. "

The music reaches a crescendo as Del Rio grins at the camera. "You just married well."

Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and a powerful boss at the company herself. Stephanie's mother, Linda McMahon, is the head of the Small Business Administration as part of WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump's presidential cabinet. "That's all you did. You married well, and you're a pussy."

At this point, Paige takes the camera and shuts it off, but not because things had gone too far. A new scene just needed to be established, so the film cuts back in to Del Rio onstage again, his friends leaning on him and each other. He approaches the camera and goes in for an extreme closeup.

"Come to La Cantinita," Del Rio mentions again, in case the pair want to use this for a TV commercial in the future. "And I'm gonna say that again. I don't have to be drunk or sober. Got big nose, no balls."

Paige is still under contract to WWE and continues to be featured on Total Divas, and her life is the focus of an upcoming film from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, which WWE is helping to produce. Some theorize that Paige is trying to get fired so she can wrestle elsewhere with Del Rio, while WWE obviously has too much invested to allow that to happen. Letting Paige go while she's injured, and/or after she was the victim of an illegal sex tape leak, would be bad publicity for the company, especially while she's the subject of a movie they're helping to make. Maybe Paige is untouchable, and she's gone into business for herself, entertaining her fans with wrestling's trademark soap opera drama while she's unable to entertain us in the ring.

However, we think it's worth noting that Del Rio comes from a family of wrestlers from Mexico, while Paige comes from a family of wrestlers from England. The wrestling business runs deep in the veins of both stars. The spirit of pro wrestling's carny origins is intertwined with their souls.  And that means it can never be 100% ruled out that all of this is an elaborate work, some next level reality s*** that will pay off with Del Rio vs. Triple H inside a Hell in the Cell at Wrestlemania while Paige goes on to a successful Women's Championship run on her return from injury, which is expected as early as this Summer. Maybe all of this serves, some how, some way, to make Roman Reigns look strong.

Or maybe Paige and Alberto Del Rio have worked themselves into a shoot, brother. We'll have to wait and see.

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