Twitch's Power Rangers Marathon Results Are In, And The Internet Loved It


Streaming service turned tv platform Twitch ran a fourteen-day long Power Rangers marathon, and it did absurdly well. Twitch released a handy infographic of their results earlier this week, and it looks like a ton of people tuned in to watch Power Rangers. Twitch streamed 831 episodes of the show, which span 23 series. Their top rank of concurrent viewers came in at 69,529 while the total channel views were at 12.9 million. Pretty nice stats, right?


During the stream, there were several concurrent streamers as well as a whole lot of clip making. The two clips most watch clips created during the marathon were of Hackerman stopping a computer virus in 45 seconds and a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 like take on the Power Rangers action sequence. You know the one.

And of course, some people were streaming to their own Twitch channels while making Power Rangers fan art, because that's just how Twitch does. One of the highlights on the fanart sector was from theladymea painting a Power Rangers group portrait. Another was Power Rangers LEGO by BrickinNick.

While Twitch haven't announced another marathon stream like this yet, I'm sure we'll see another pop up soon. In other Twitch news, they're doing another season of Amazon Pilots testing, and have a documentary called Ironsights about Sara Erlandson's journey to the Big Buck Hunter World Championship in Austin, TX. And they've expanded their connectivity by merging Twitch and the Curse app into the Twith Desktop App.

Or you can go watch this streamer beat the Mario 64 world record.

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