Anjali Bhimani Launches Kickstarter For New Book

This morning, Anjali Bhimani announced that she is launching a new Kickstarter for her next book titled I Am Fun Size, And So Are You! The award-winning actor started up the campaign for her highly-anticipated book, which the full name of it is I Am Fun Size, And So Are You! Thoughts from a Tiny Human on Leading a Giant Life. The book has been inspired by the hit digital YouTube series of the same name, where she shares her experiences as well as conducting interviews with other well-known performers with the goal of helping others find their fullest lives through life's challenges. The book will be featuring artwork by award-winning illustrator and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Truong (City of Dragons, Punches and Plants). Here's a little more on the book itself.

A look at the cover art for I Am Fun Size, And So Are You!, courtesy of Anjali Bhimani.
A look at the cover art for I Am Fun Size, And So Are You!, courtesy of Anjali Bhimani.

I Am Fun Size, And So Are You! is a series of essays – part memoir, part life map – all combined to lead the reader through their own personal challenges and toward a fuller, bigger life. With sections like "How the Hell Do I Love Myself" and "The Candy Coated Shell", Anjali (with help from her dog, Charley) combines her unique sense of humor and insight to bring you "your buddy In a book." With stories both cringeworthy (hello high school) and uplifting, I Am Fun Size lets you know not only are you not alone, we're all in this together.

If you're not familiar with Anjali Bhimani, she is best known for her video game voice work as Symmetra in Overwatch, Rampart in Apex Legends, Kala in Indivisible, Yasmin Choudhury in Fallout 76, Nisha in Fallout 4, and Mira in Rival Speak. She's also acted in roles such as Nina Patel on Modern Family and Joya in Alex, Inc., as well as the sniper Stingray in We're Alive: Frontier from Geek & Sundry. The campaign is looking for $30k to help self-publish as well as give out some additional goodies to backers.

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