Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Feature the Clone Wars Later This Year

Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Feature the Clone Wars Later This Year

EA had some good news for Star Wars fans who have decided to stick it out with Star Wars: Battlefront II, going over the new Solo content coming to the game later this week, but also sharing details on what is to come in the future once we've had our fill of Han Solo-related gameplay.

While Solo brings back the Extraction mode, updates later this year will give us a brand-new squad management system so you can properly customize your team and manage it quite a deal better. The game will also get a large-scale multiplayer sandbox experience that will see players capturing command posts and taking out capital ships in a large-scale war simulation. So you can get that real Star Wars feel on either side (but lets be real, this'll be much better from the Rebel side).

That isn't all, however, as players have been asking for new heroes and villains to come to the game. DICE is going to be answering those prayers alongside another fan wish-list item. Yes, The Clone Wars content is coming to Battlefront II. The content was rumored to be getting a Battlefront II release way back in February, but EA confirmed it today. So you'll get to play The Clone Wars for the first time in Battlefront. Alongside that new content are four new playable characters — General Grievous, Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi, Count Duku, and Obi Wan's troublesome padawan Anakin Skywalker.

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