Making A Statement With X Files' Chris Carter At New York Comic Con

Bleeding Cool's Danielle Mick reporting from New York Comic Con and speaking with X-Files Chris Carter,

Chris Carter At New York Comic Con

Chris Carter, the all knowing screenwriter and developer for The X Files was an absolute pleasure to interact with. He was the first of the four celebrities that sat down with us to discuss the details of the upcoming eleventh season of The X Files, which is set to air in January of 2018. There will be ten episodes this time around, which gives us even more opportunities for tension and trouble.

He didn't offer us much in terms of spoilers and went as far as to say that they didn't have a plan for the future. "Right now we are just doing what we're doing and there are no plans beyond this." Which seems seriously suspect in light of the recently circulating Gillian Anderson story that revolves around her departure from the series and the closure of her character, Dana Scully.

(Someone please: say it ain't so! Wake us up from this potential nightmare!)

We respond to the political reality of our times right now. And we are all really interested in that. We think we live in very interesting times– technologically, politically, socially, even culturally. All of these things have found a way, I can tell you right now, into the first five episodes.

This does not surprise me one bit after seeing the much anticipated trailer for the eleventh season that dropped early on this afternoon. The subjects in which he touched upon in the interview and the answers that we received were enlightening and honest. The time that we were able to spend with Carter was as pleasing as it was informative and I hope you get the same joy out of seeing his eyes light up with the passion of his work along with the other writers that he was able to speak about.

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