Crawling the Swampy Depths in Dark Devotion is Harder Than It Looks

Hibernian Workshop and The Arcade Crew's Dark Devotion had a playable demo at PAX East this year which showed off the rogue-like RPG with some scenic ambiance in the form of booth attendees dressed like monks. Which is the perfect backdrop for a game where you collect Faith currency (used to unlock secret paths and secret chests) by killing enemies.

Dark Devotion is a dungeon crawler, and you spend the entire game in the Temple, which really just looks like a sewer with some killer architecture.

Now, the temple is part of the game's narrative story. Granted, its a pretty limited narrative — there are no cutscenes or lengthy bits of dialogue. So if you aren't a story nerd, have no fear. The official story description reads:

The eternal suffering of The Templars is both a blessing and a curse – salvation is born through sacrifice, and no sacrifice is too great to praise your God. A mystical temple teeming with a strange life-like energy of its own awaits you on your sacred crusade of suffering and redemption that will take you to the depths of traditions spanning centuries – and leave you questioning your faith and your own existence.

So you'll be tested to determine how much devotion you have to your dark, violence-loving god. Hence, the name.

Unlike many dungeon crawlers, Dark Devotion gives you the opportunity to create your own character build by equipping different armor, weapons, and relics to suit your play style. So it's not like you get class locked. Each weapon has its own specifications and statistics which can be tweaked by using mystical runes to up certain attributes.

The demo was a fun one, with very little in the way of control. Because its a rogue-like dungeon, every run through it is different — which makes for a pretty interesting demo experience, because it's not a curated section of the game. Just a free-form gore-fest. And that's probably the best way to sell this game.

Dark Devotion is still in development, with a TBA release date. But you can check out the announcement trailer below for a glimpse of the action.

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