Doctor Strange, Ursula, and the El Family of Krypton Dazzle at the Masquerade [SDCC]

Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Alex Arevalos:

The San Diego Comic-Con Masquerade is one of the, if not the, longest running Cosplay and Costume contests. It's a showcase of craftsmanship, showmanship and raw talent, featuring entries from not only America, but all over the world. This year's masquerade was amazing, with dance numbers and other great skits. At more than one point there was groups with over 20 members performing stage.

There were only a couple of hiccups. Cosplayer Jakurina, in her Imp Mercy, tripped both entering and exiting the stage. At the time of writing a staffer confirmed EMTs had appeared and made sure she was alright to continue. Luckily it seemed to only be a sprain and the show went on.

The winning costumes and cosplayers were simply amazing this year.

  • Howl's moving castle won 'Creative Use of Materials.'
  • Big Daddy Delta and Big Sister took home 'Judges choice.'
  • Bakugo from My Hero Academia was the winner of 'Best Young Fan.'
  • Other award recipients included "Crouching Prince, Hidden Dragon", "Claire Frasier Outlander wedding". Sylvanos Wind Runner and "Princess Vanellope Von Sweets and Ralph "

Here's a gallery of all of the amazing costumes and props the cosplayers put on display last night!

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