Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite's Story Mode Is A Travesty


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite got a nice little panel at San Diego Comic Con, which BC's Dan Celko was able to attend. But not being a fan of Capcom, it fell to me to help him parse what was news and what wasn't from the panel. And oh dear, are there some really silly elements to the game's story mode.

First off, all of the game maps are combinations of places from Marvel Comics and any of Capcom's numerous franchises. Which sounds interesting, but gets a bit weird when you consider that Valkanda a place. Yes, Val Harbor and Wakanda were mashed up into one location and I am not even sure where to start with that.

Then, Zero is also one of our villains because apparently Ultron and Thanos are just not evil enough. Zero is actually going by Oblivion these days as he's been re-programmed. Which, don't get me started on the absolute amount of lame that is the name "Oblivion" for a game villain.

A.I.M. and the Umbrella Corporation have become one entity, which would be awesome if they weren't calling themselves A.I.M.brella. Modok is the head of this new brain trust, and is in possession of the mind gem.

And to top it all off, the various Marvel and Capcom heroes go to Thanos to hunt down the Infinity gems. Because that sounds like a brilliant plan.

There will be a tie-in comic event from Marvel which will be available only through Gamestop retailers. And several Marvel comics will get Capcom variant covers around the same time as the game's release to celebrate its mediocrity.

The gameplay trailer shown off yesterday, and again today, you may have seen. But if not, here it is again.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is set to release on September 19th.


And if you'd like to peruse the chat logs of Dan and I attempting to make sense of the panel, well. Here you are:

Daniel Celko:
I wanted to go over Marvel Vs Capcom

Madeline Ricchiuto:
Okay, let me get this last thing out and I'm all yours

Daniel Celko:
There isn't much and I need help sorting out what is news and what isn't
I don;t follow capcom at all

Madeline Ricchiuto
Okay, I'm all yours

Daniel Celko 
So pretty much all the maps are locations that are well known in both universes but mashed together
Such as Knownmoon: Knowhere and The Third Moon
or Valkanda: Wakanda and Val Habar

Madeline Ricchiuto
Okay, that is newsish

Daniel Celko
Zero is a villian in the game renamed "Oblivion"
Because he was reprogrammed

Madeline Ricchiuto
thats new

Daniel Celko
I wasn't able to get video clip for that because they showed it with pretty much no warning
Frank West from Capcom will always be known as bucket head to me from now on
(One of his attacks in charging at the enemy with a bucket on his head)

Madeline Ricchiuto

Daniel Celko
Also… this piece of shit

Madeline Ricchiuto
Got that in the gameplay trailer

Daniel Celko
A.I.M. + Umbrella = A.I.M.brella? …..Fuck me

Madeline Ricchiuto 
thats news
and horrible

Daniel Celko
I figured

Madeline Ricchiuto
please write this with as much snark as you can Dan
or do you want me to do the honors?

Daniel Celko
I have life is strange hands on in 30 minutes

Madeline Ricchiuto
You're gonna hate Life is Strange

Daniel Celko
I have some poor quality video I can send you of cinematic leading up to that fight in the trailer
Mordok is the head of A.I.M.brella?

Madeline Ricchiuto

Daniel Celko
He is in possession of the Mind Stone
and the Heroes go to fucking Thanos for help locating the stones

Madeline Ricchiuto
"Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite's Story Mode Is A Travesty" sound like a fitting headline?

Daniel Celko
And also
Marvel/Capcom cross over event comic exclusive at gamestop

Madeline Ricchiuto
At GAMESTOP? oh how the mighty have fallen

Daniel Celko
And capcom variant covers on marvel comics

Madeline Ricchiuto
(I just want to repost this chat log as our writeup)

Daniel Celko
go right ahead


And now you have seen behind the BC curtain to the inner workings of the games department. It's still not going to prevent MVCI's story mode from being a bag full of unintentional laughs.

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