Speaking With X Files' David Duchovny At NYCC

Bleeding Cool's Danielle Mick reporting from New York Comic Con and speaking with X-Files David Duchovny,

David Duchovny At New York Comic Con

And I thought– I remember talking to my manager at the time like, you know, this is a show about aliens. I like the pilot, so let's do the pilot, because I'll never have to be in TV because nobody's gonna want to watch this.

How wrong was he?

David Duchovny (of X Files and Californication fame) sat down with us to answer a few questions about the upcoming season of The X Files. The ten episode season is set to premier in January of 2018. He remained very tight-lipped about the events that take place in season 11. We were fortunate to receive a trailer for the season. The trailer looks promising and I know that I can't wait for the next season.

I was only able to ask Duchovny one question due to time constraints and I was more than pleased by the humor presented in his response. I asked him if he approached his character any differently now that he isn't bound to 25/26 episodes in a season; if there are differences in Mulder now that they dwindled down to the 10 and below range.

"It doesn't really factor into an actor's consciousness." He began. "I mean maybe in the sense of, you know, I'll say if you wanna kick ass in a couple of episodes and risk me hurting myself, yeah let's do it. If there's 24 [episodes], I'd be like mm, maybe take it easy."

He never once looked away from me while he was answering my question and he treated the other interviewers with the same respect. He was very honest in his delivery and responses, complete with dry humor and sneaking wit. Although we weren't able to spend that much time with him, I was grateful for the opportunity to hear what he had to say about various subjects.

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