We Turn Up the Tunes in this 1More Wireless Headphones Review

As a collector, part of the job is organizing your collection. Sometimes that means tedious hours perfecting how you want to display things, and music always helps pass that time. When it comes to headphones, there are so many options out there, and it is easy to get lost in finding the best way to listen to your favorite tunes. Well, look no further as 1More sent us over a pair of their True Wireless ANC in-Ear Headphones to check out. We thank them for giving us the opportunity to check out these headphones, and we love them and are not just saying it. Just like the widely popular AirPods, the 1More in-ear buds have a storage case (a hub) and it connects very easily to your phone. The "hub" is your storage for the headphones and charges in as little as 15 mins which is very helpful for on-the-go tunes.

The packing is simple and straightforward, and it shows some specs of the 1More headphones and the hub on the inside. Also found inside is a nice assortment of different earbud sizes, which is always a great addition. There were two colors included in blue and pink, but we stayed with the pink to keep things simple. It has been quite some time since I used in-ear headphones as over the ear is my preferred headphone lately. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of these in my ear after the additional bud size change. Unlike the odd fit of the AirPods, the softer material fits quite nicely in your ear, and after a while, you can almost forget they are there. Most functions are controlled by the buttons on the back of each 1More earbud. When both left and right buds are in, users can change songs, turn the volume up and down, pause, skip, and the usual assortment of function with a certain set of pushes. If the user touches the earbud itself, they can access the noise-canceling portion, which worked really well. Listeners can switch between three different noise-canceling modes that will depend on your environment from a subtle walk, metro, or if you want to listen to the environment around you.

The music was crisp, and each genre was able to be amplified as 1More wanted to give users the best quality around. When it comes to headphones, you have to check all the bases of music with classical, county, rap, pop, techno, rock, and each one was popping and easily to lose yourself in. Taking out one headphone does stop the music, which was annoying but honestly is a nice feature. Users can use one headphone if needed if they just take one of the True Wireless buds out of the hub. In-Ear headphones were never my go too, but after testing these amazing headphones, they have tempted me to the other side once again. 1More is giving great sound and quality in such a small packaging that will have any music lover not wanting to take them out. We want to thank 1More once again for showing off these fantastic award-winning headphones, and you can check them out too here. Turn up the volume and rock out with 1More.

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