Sasha Banks and Rey Mysterio Get WWE Network Collections

Sasha Banks and Rey Mysterio are the latest WWE Superstars to get WWE Network Collections, highlighting some of the most important matches and promos of their careers. WWE Network News had the exclusive reveals of both the titles and content of both collections.

Rey Mysterio's collection is called "Biggest Little Man," and is described thusly:

Jump off the top rope into the high-flying, fast-paced world of Rey Mysterio with this action-packed WWE Network Collection. Witness the Master of the 619's unlikely journey through ECW, WCW, and WWE where he proved size doesn't matter. Along the way, The Biggest Little Man created unforgettable moments as he battled the likes of Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, John Cena, and the late, great Eddie Guerrero. The Man Behind the Mask is revealed in this extraordinary Collection. Booyaka! Booyaka!

Here's the lineup of matches in the collection:

Great American Bash 1996 – Legacies Collide
Two wrestling legacies collide when Rey Mysterio Jr. challenges Dean Malenko for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Starrcade 1996 – A Thunderous Opponent
Rey Mysterio Jr. makes a name for himself by battling Jushin 'Thunder' Liger in this exciting and action-packed contest.

Spring Stampede 1997 – Kings and Dragons
In an epic battle between two legendary luchadores, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Ultimo Dragon meet head-to-head.

Halloween Havoc 1997 – Title Vs Mask
With his sacred mask on the line, Rey Mysterio Jr. challenges Eddie Guerrero for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

Starrcade 1998 – Selfless Competitor
Rey Mysterio Jr.'s issues with the LWO intensify after facing Juventud Guerrera and Kidman for the WCW Cruiserwieght Title.

SummerSlam 2002 – A Ton of Dynamite
Rey Mysterio makes an epic WWE Pay-Per-View debut in this exciting match against Kurt Angle.

SmackDown 06/05/2003 – Celebration Time in Anaheim
Rey Mysterio looks for his taste of gold in WWE by challenging Matt Hardy for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Vengeance 2003 – Illegal Tactics
Rey Mysterio and Kidman challenge The World's Greatest Tag Team for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

No Way Out 2005 – Old Friends, New Champions
Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio unite to battle The Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

WrestleMania 21 – Kicking off WrestleMania
The friendship between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero is strained when both men battle each other in this bout.

Great American Bash 2005 – Secrets and Lies
Secrets and lies run rampant during this personal confrontation between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.

SmackDown 08/11/2005 – Domestic Issues
The intense and personal rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero escalates over Mysterio's son, Dominick.

SummerSlam 2005 – For Dominick
With custody of his son on the line, Rey Mysterio takes to the ring battle Eddie Guerrero in a Ladder Match.

Royal Rumble 2006 – Enduring and Overcoming
Rey Mysterio looks to endure and overcome an onslaught of Superstars in this record-breaking Royal Rumble Match.

SummerSlam 2007 – Returning in Grand Fashion
After being out of action for nearly a year due to injury, Rey Mysterio returns to settle a score with Chavo Guerrero.

SmackDown 06/27/2008 – One Journey Ends, Another Begins
With a RAW future ahead of him, Rey Mysterio takes to the ring to bid farewell to the SmackDown audience.

SummerSlam 2009 – Continuing to Shine
Rey Mysterio defends the coveted Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler in this exciting contest.

SmackDown 01/15/2010 – Against All Odds
Rey Mysterio finds himself locked in a steel cage with an animal when he battles Batista for a World Heavyweight Title shot.

Over the Limit 2010 – Societal Differences
Rey Mysterio's problems with The Straight Edge Society get hairy in this classic battle against CM Punk.

SmackDown 10/08/2010 – Personal Redemption
Tensions between Rey Mysterio and the aristocratic Alberto Del Rio explode in this confrontation.

Survivor Series 2010 – Team Rey Vs Team Alberto
Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio face off with their respective teams in a Survivor Series Elimination Match.

SmackDown 04/22/2011 – At the Cross Rhodes
Rey Mysterio finds himself facing another masked opponent in the form of 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes.

RAW 07/25/2011 – A Short Reign
Less than two hours after capturing the WWE Championship, Rey Mysterio puts his newly won title on the line against John Cena.

RAW 04/07/2014 – Some Bad News
In what would be his last match in WWE for several years, Rey Mysterio goes one-on-one with Bad News Barrett.

Countdown: Awesome Entrances – Who's That Jumping Out the Sky?
Rey Mysterio's breathtaking entrance is examined by WWE Superstars and Legends.

Countdown: Greatest High Flyers – Real High Flyer
WWE Superstars and Legends discuss the incredible in-ring abilities of Rey Mysterio.

Royal Rumble 2018 – A Surprising Return
After years of absence, Rey Mysterio makes a surprising return in the 2018 Royal Rumble Match.

While Sasha Banks' collection is called Legit Boss:

WWE's newest Network Collection is legit! Join Sasha Banks for an exclusive sit-down interview and relive her epic journey from groundbreaking days in NXT to making an impactful statement on WWE's main roster. Whether main-eventing in the first ever women's Hell in a Cell Match, or toppling barriers in Abu Dhabi, Sasha continues to prove the sky's the limit. Watch as The Legit Boss battles her fiercest rivals in a Collection that you can take straight to the bank!

Here's the lineup for that one:

I Was Missing Something (Interview)
Sasha Banks reflects on the early days of her career prior to developing an effective in-ring persona.

NXT 12/12/2012 – An Impressive Showing
Sasha Banks unveils her skills to the WWE Universe in her TV debut against Paige.

NXT 07/31/2013 – The First Encounter
The seeds of the storied rivalry between Sasha Banks and Charlotte are planted in this memorable first encounter.

NXT 09/11/2013 – Turning Another Paige
Sasha Banks' frustrations following a match against Paige leads her to embrace another side of herself.

NXT 09/25/2013 – A Fierce Competitor
Sasha Banks' newly adopted attitude makes her a fierce competitor in this one-on-one bout against the innocent Bayley.

NXT TakeOver R-Evolution 12/11/2014 – The Nature Girl's Title
Sasha Banks looks to end Charlotte's reign as NXT Women's Champion by challenging her for the gold.

NXT TakeOver Rival 02/11/2015 – Four for the Gold
The Four Horsewomen of NXT battle each other in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women's Championship.

NXT 03/18/2015 – Don't Count on It
Sasha Banks finds herself falling victim to the underhanded tactics of Alexa Bliss during this controversial bout.

NXT 03/25/2015 – A Little Payback
Sasha Banks takes to the ring looking for a measure of retribution against the sly and crafty Alexa Bliss.

NXT 05/06/2015 – Pen to Paper
Things take a violent turn when Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks meet to sign the contract for their NXT Women's Championship match.

NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable 05/20/2015 – The Unstoppable Champion
Sasha Banks puts the NXT Women's Championship on the line against Becky Lynch in this unforgettable match.

I Belong Here (Interview)
After recalling her epic battle with Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks comments on what led to her arrival on WWE's main roster.

Main Event 12/30/2014 – Future Mainstays
In her main roster debut, Sasha Banks shows the WWE Universe her incredible in-ring skills by battling Charlotte.

RAW 07/13/2015 – Making a RAW Statement
The Women's Revolution is ignited when Sasha Banks and her NXT comrades arrive on the main roster to shake things up.

NXT 07/15/2015 – A Battle of Wills
With the NXT Women's Championship on the line, Sasha Banks and Charlotte meet in their last match together in NXT.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 08/22/2015 – Silencing the Critics
Bayley looks to silence her critics by challenging Sasha Banks for the NXT Women's Championship in this classic.

NXT TakeOver: Respect 10/07/2015 – Earning the Respect of All
Sasha Banks and Bayley prove they can go the distance in this historic Iron Woman Match for NXT Women's Title.

I Still Have Goosebumps (Interview)
Sasha Banks recounts her matches with Bayley, and how the road she followed brought a Legit Boss to The Grandest Stage of Them All.

WrestleMania 32 – The Revolution Steals the Show
Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte shed their 'divas' image by battling for the reborn WWE Women's Championship.

Battleground 2016 – Friendship Triumphs
Sasha Banks partners with Bayley to take on the duo of Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke in a Tag Team Match.

RAW 07/25/2016 – A Legit Champion
Sasha Banks shows everyone why she is a Legit Boss by challenging Charlotte Flair for the WWE Women's Championship.

SummerSlam 2016 – The Price of Defeat
Sasha Banks is faced with a pricey situation when she defends the WWE Women's Championship against Charlotte Flair.

RAW 10/03/2016 – The Boss Goes for Gold
Sasha Banks tries to put the RAW Women's Title around her waist by challenging Charlotte Flair for the gold in the main event.

Hell in a Cell 2016 – Hell Hath No Fury
For the first time, two women meet in the cell when Charlotte Flair challenges Sasha Banks for the RAW Women's Title.

RAW 11/28/2016 – Doing the Impossible
When Sasha Banks's rivalry with Charlotte Flair proves to be too intense, they battle for gold in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Roadblock: End of the Line – Iron Women
Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair's rivalry reaches a new level in an Iron Woman Match for the RAW Women's Title.

I Had to Change My Strategies (Interview)
Sasha Banks shares her thoughts on how she adapted to different opponents in effort to contend with the likes of Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss.

Fastlane 2017 – Stealing Victory
Sasha Banks manages to use her legit skills to get the better of Nia Jax in this one-sided battle.

WrestleMania 33 – Fatal 4-Way on a Grand Stage
Sasha Banks battles Bayley, Nia Jax, and Charlotte Flair in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the coveted RAW Women's Championship.

RAW 06/26/2017 – Running Down the Gauntlet
Sasha Banks is faced with an enormous challenge when she competes a Gauntlet Match for a shot at the RAW Women's Championship.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 – Less Than Blissful
Alexa Bliss looks to get the better of Sasha Banks once again in this bout for the RAW Women's Championship.

SummerSlam 2017 – Collecting a Debt
In another chance to regain the RAW Women's Championship, Sasha Banks pushes Alexa Bliss to the limit.

No Mercy 2017 – A Math Problem
Sasha Banks finds herself with the odds against her in a Fatal 5-Way Match for the RAW Women's Championship.

I Knew It Was Special (Interview)
Sasha Banks speaks on competing in the first Women's Match to take place in Abu Dhabi, sharing her memories of this historic milestone.

WWE Live 12/07/2017 – A First for Everything [Duration 11:35]
Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss make history by meeting each other in the first ever Women's Match to take place in Abu Dhabi.

Royal Rumble 2018 – Rumble for All
Sasha Banks looks to make history once again when the women of WWE compete in the inaugural Women's Royal Rumble Match.

RAW 01/29/2018 – The Boss and The Empress
Sasha Banks tries to end the storied undefeated streak of Asuka in this incredible bout against The Empress.

Elimination Chamber 2018 – Eliminating Barriers
Sasha Banks continues to cement her place in history by competing the first Women's Elimination Chamber Match.

Money in the Bank 2018 – Banking on Greatness
Sasha Banks looks to climb the ladder of success by competing in her first Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

RAW 07/30/2018 – The Boss 'n' Hug Connection
The Boss 'n' Hug Connection of Bayley and Sasha Banks takes to the ring to battle The Riott Squad in a Tag Team Match.

Evolution 2018 – Controlling a Riott
Sasha Banks partners with Natalya and Bayley to take on Ruby Riott and her Riott Squad in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match.

I Was Born to Do This (Interview)
With a constant desire to pave the way for future female Superstars, Sasha Banks looks beyond to see what's next for WWE's Legit Boss!

Both collections are available to watch on the WWE Network today.

Sasha Banks and Rey Mysterio Get WWE Network Collections

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