We're Afraid We've Got Some Good News: Wade Barrett Joins ITV's World of Sport Wrestling

Stu Bennett, the pro wrestler you probably know best as former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, has been officially announced as the Executive and Commentator for World of Sport, ITV's revival of the classic British pro wrestling show. World of Sport announced the news on Twitter.

Bennett commented on the news:

World of Sport has announced a few other names over the past couple of days:

ITV first tried a World of Sport revival on New Years Eve in 2016, and seemed to have momentum for a series, but soon became involved with Jeff Jarrett and Impact Wrestling, a critical error, derailing the whole thing. But World of Sport must have managed to sell off their stock of karatbars, because ITV will begin airing a 10-episode run this month.

World of Sport also released a trailer for the series recently, which you can watch below:

Of course, WWE has also been stepping up their presence in the U.K. of late, fueled by a need to squash all competition, so things appear to be heating up in the U.K. pro wrestling scene. Is it time to start forcing notorious pro wrestling hater and Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston to attend live pro wrestling events?

Vote in the poll below, and if enough readers ask for it, we'll tell Rich he has to give the fans what they want.



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