A League of Their Own

Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection - OFFICIAL TRAILER Available June 16th!

Columbia Classics 4K Blu-ray Set Includes "Arabia", "Strangelove"

Smith Goes to Washington, Gandhi, Jerry Maguire, and A League of Their Own Sony Pictures released a trailer for the Columbia Classics box set online, which can be found below. Columbia Classics Blu-ray Set Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Trj3Cp_QNbU&feature=emb_logoOnly 8,000 of these sets will be available.Now, I know what you are thinking[...]

Penny Marshall Was in A League of Her Own

She turned quite a streak of successful films becoming the first female director to gross over $100 million on a film with hits like Jumping Jack Flash (1986), Big (1988), Awakenings (1990), and A League of Their Own (1992).https://youtu.be/Tv5BC6yJ61oFollowing her 2001 film Riding in the Cars with Boys, Marshall took a step back from directing films and[...]

Broad City Season 5: Comedy Central Sets Final Season Premiere Date

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson's Ilana and Abbi have spent a good chunk of the past four seasons of Broad City either running to or from someone or something, whether it's "the next great life improvement" schemes, bad decision-making, or shady relationships. They're a little tired now, but Glazer and Jacobson still have one more "marathon" […]