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Call Of Duty League Announces Schedule Changes Due To Weather
Activision Blizzard has had to make a few adjustments to the Call Of Duty League this week due to the terrible weather we're experiencing In case you happen to live on the west coast of the United States, you may have missed the fact that the past week of weather across the country has been[...]
The 2021 Call Of Duty League Season Kicks Off Today
Starting at 12pm PT today, Activision Blizzard will kick off the first week of the 2021 Season for Call Of Duty League The series will start with the Atlanta FaZe Home Series, with all matches being broadcast live on YouTube We have the complete schedule for you here as well as a list of events[...]
We Played "Overwatch 2" At BlizzCon 2019 & Have Some Thoughts
Activision Blizzard pretty much confirmed today that Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV probably won't be released in 2021 The news literally dropped with a thud in the middle of an earnings call this afternoon in which the company was going over the Q4 2020 results and numbers Somewhere in the middle of the meeting, the[...]
Vicarious Visions Has Been Merged Into Blizzard Entertainment
Stunning news today from Activision Blizzard as Vicarious Visions has been merged as a whole into Blizzard Entertainment The news first came out from, who reported that the decision happened today and that the company will essentially cease to be as all of the employees will now be on the Blizzard team Here's a[...]
Call Of Duty League Reveals Plans For The 2021 Season
This past week, Activision Blizzard revealed the plans for the 2021 season for Call Of Duty League, including the opening weekend details As you might suspect, this season will be completely different compared to the inaugural season, primarily because player will be operating with the Black Ops Cold War setup instead of Modern Warfare, but[...]
Activision Blizzard & Google Announces Multi-Year "Strategic Relationship"
In a move that caught a lot of people off-guard this morning, MLB's Tony Petitti will be headed to Activision Blizzard in a new role Petitti has been in the role of Deputy Commissioner this season, having previously been the league's COO and President of the MLB Network His new role at the company will[...]
Activision Blizzard & Google Announces Multi-Year "Strategic Relationship"
Well, now we know what got Activision Blizzard to move from Twitch to YouTube so quickly with their broadcasts with a very lucrative deal Last month the company abruptly moved over to the platform for all their esports streaming in what at the time was simply announced as a "multi-year strategic partnership" We now know[...]
The Los Angeles Guerrillas Protest "Call Of Duty" League Outcome
According to the team, the perk was not chosen on purpose it was purely an accident. Credit: Activision Blizzard L.A still lost the match to Minnesota, however, the team posted a statement yesterday saying that while they "accept a player did inadvertently use a banned perk, it did not affect the outcome of the game." However, the[...]
Activision Blizzard & Google Announces Multi-Year "Strategic Relationship"
This week, Activision Blizzard announced that they had entered into a new multi-year "strategic relationship" with Google to power new player experiences The main takeaways from the deal are that Google Cloud will serve as the preferred provider for Activision Blizzard's game hosting infrastructure, while YouTube will serve as its exclusive streaming partner (Except for[...]