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David F. Walker Confirms Luke Cage's Cancellation Due to Poor Sales

Writer David F. Walker just confirmed that Marvel's Luke Cage title will be cancelled after February. We at Bleeding Cool were already speculating this due to its noticeable absence from the Marvel March 2018 solicits, and Walker just made it official on Twitter. Sad but true…LUKE CAGE (the comic book, not the TV series) has been cancelled. Issue #10 […]


Iceman #5 Review: Came For The Juggernaut, Stayed For The Emotional Intensity

It also gave Alessandro Vitti and Rachelle Rosenberg some space to get really creative with Iceman’s growing omega-level powers He gets to do some cool stuff in this comic.The detail and styling on display works really well for the plot The aesthetic looks gritty and drained, and it fits the emotional atmosphere of the proceedings.The[...]


Iceman #5 Review: The Icebreaker Becomes A Heartbreaker

Either no one really cares, or everyone takes it in their stride and has no issues, and the character coming out gets that ideal reaction from their loved ones.[caption id="attachment_710781" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Iceman #5 artwork by Alessandro Vitti and Rachelle Rosenberg[/caption]But not all coming-outs are the ideal Yes, it's important to show young LGBTQ+ readers[...]


Iceman #3 Review: Now The Show Really Gets Started

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Iceman #3 by Sina Grace, Alessandro Vitti and Rachelle Rosenberg is really the cornerstone issue for the series thus far.This issue follows the night that Bobby Drake goes home to visit the parents, ostensibly to come out to them as a newly minted gay man, Instead, Bobby finds himself facing the same kind of[...]

Stay Cool! Marvel Shares An Iceman Preview

[caption id="attachment_650896" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Cover by Kevin Wada[/caption]We've been promised a brand new, first-time ongoing for Iceman as part of Marvel's ResurrXion plans since the very start, and we are now edging ever closer to Sina Grace and Alessandro Vitti's new series hitting the shelves One featuring a gay male protagonist, no less.So far, most[...]

Ice, Ice, Baby! Reaction to the Iceman Reveal

Between writer Sina Grace and cover artist Kevin Wada, both openly gay creators, and with Alessandro Vitti on art duties as well, we are seeing an extra level of legitimacy added to the book that is, at this time maybe more than ever, absolutely important.Now, let me say this: I am not one of those[...]