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Decades of (in)Experience reaches it's 200th comic!
Decades Of (In)Experience, the enjoyable yet all-too-real slice of life comic, has reached its 200th episode! Since 2015 Alex Schumacher has been telling the story of Luke Carlin, a guy in his thirties who's still figuring his life out I've been enjoying Decades for a few years now Alex is a gifted writer who knows[...]
decades of (in)experience webcomic
In his ongoing webcomic Decades of (in)Experience, Alex Schumacher sums up most of our lives pretty accurately. Luke Carlin is a 30-something man who's still trying to find his place in the world From being heartsick over an ex to working in a generic, going-nowhere box store job, he sums up many of us rather well[...]
Defiling the Literati
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Alex Schumacher is a sequential art genius, an underground comics creator, and all-around funny guy I got a chance to read his newest book, Defiling the Literati: A Collection of Magazine Work.  "Self-published in 2017 with the assistance of McLain MacGuire studio, Defiling the Literati compiles a smattering of Alex's graphic narrative offerings rife with[...]