Want A Kickass Alien Collectible? Pick Up The Rock Candy Ripley From Funko

Rock Candy Ripley 1

I am seeing Alien: Covenant tonight, and I could not be more excited. Next to Star Wars, it is my favorite franchise, and let's face it: Ellen Ripley is the all-time greatest hero of a sci-fi film, and to me one of the best characters ever created period. I can't get enough Ripley stuff, from the fantastic NECA figures, to Funko Pops. That is why when Funko announced the Ripley Rock Candy vinyl figure back in January, I could not be more excited. I haven't really dabbled into Rock Candy all that much, not for a lack of interest, but because there just wasn't any I needed to get until this one.

And I am so happy with this one I am going to be buying a ton more. The packaging on this thing is so awesome, it feels vintage and modern at the same time. The colors really pop, and the front window box shows off the figure extremely well. Just all-around great presentation right here, and just like Pops, the box makes it really easy to leave it in the box forever for stacking purposes.

But if you leave it in the box, you can't fully appreciate the fantastic figure inside, and this figure kicks ass. The detail on the sculpt is really great here, from all of the straps holding the bombs to the way they nailed Ripley's hair from the end of the film. What really stands out to me is the paint job, as mine is perfect. There is no paint run anywhere in sight, and sometimes that can be an issue with Funko. There is no articulation at all, but that is not the point of these, the point is to present awesome characters in a Funko style, and make sure they look iconic at the same time. And what could be more iconic than Ripley holding the rifle, about to wreck an Alien Queen's chamber? I just wish there was a little Newt to go along with it.

Everyone should own this, especially as an Alien fan or collector. You can preorder one now right here.


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