Relive Terror In The Arcade With NECA's Aliens Video Game Tribute Figure

NECA Aliens Arcade Figure 24

NECA and their line of figures based on video game appearances are a huge hit with collectors, as figures like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, Predator, and more have found a spot on collectors shelf's. Last year's SDCC exclusive TMNT figure box sets were the hottest item of the convention as well. The best part of these things is the packaging, they make them look like the original game boxes/arcade cabinets. It almost feels like a crime to open the things. And that is still the case with their new Aliens Xenomorph Arcade figure.

NECA Aliens Arcade Figure 1

First off, the packaging of course. It is made up to look like the Aliens arcade machine from 1990. Featuring a great Xenomorph picture on the front, the Aliens logo on the sides and top, and a opening flap that velcros closed, unless you are a loose collector, there really is no reason to ever disturb this wonderful packaging. The flap when you open it has a great 8-bit image of a Xenomorph, and the window that shows off the figure looks like an arcade screen with a full life meter, bomb counter, and score. The back of the box shows off the contents of the box in  an 8-bit environment. Just a complete home run across the board here, and I wish I had purchased two of these now so I would have one in the box forever.

Once removed from the box, the figure itself shines. Featuring tons of articulation (almost 30 points), the Xenomorph is super easy to pose. This is weird, but I really love the articulation in the feet. Nothing is more important on a figure than the feet, and it is so much easier to get them to do what you need them to do in a display when you can manipulate the feet as much as possible. even in the one picture above, I moved the figure right to the edge, and because of the articulation in the feet, i could hover him a bit over because they bent around the corner. Same with the fingers, I love spreading them out further for a more menacing pose. The legs and body are well proportioned, nothing too top-heavy and such, so after multiple poses the Xenomorph wasn't falling over. Of course, the head is right where the eyes go on any Alien figure, and with the articulated and extending jaw, this one does not disappoint. The paint wash on this figure really pops as well, gives it a very distinct feel and looks so unique. They always do a great job making it feel retro, even more so when you put it on the included 8-bit background.

The Alien egg, facehugger, and chestburster are nice added bonuses as well. All the chestburster figures I have ever gotten, I never thought to bend it up so it sticks out of the egg, and it looks awesome! Dumb on my part. The facehugger is pretty standard, when you pose the three together it looks awesome next to the Xenomorph itself.

All round, at $24.99, this figure is a must-own. From the packaging, to the unique look to the figure, to the diorama that you can create right out of the box, it is an awesome collectible to add to ones collection. All of these video game tribute figures disappear fast at retail, so if you see it, you better get it. If you do not want to risk that, you can order it here right now.

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